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In Game Castle we will offer you unique and unforgettable PARTIES:

  • At your disposal will be over 100 kinds of 3D puzzles made of metal, wood or strings. You can play with them individually or race for time as teams.

  • We have gathered a large collection of Social games, the most popular ones, according to world ratings. Social games are typical with their simple rules and intense interaction among the players (such as negotiating, bluffing, challenging, daring or playing roles). This intense communication guarantees fun and unforgettable memories. You can play these games with or without the assistance of our experienced Animators (Instructors) who will teach you the rules and will help regulate the gameplay.

  • Our large collection of world famous Board games will entice you to try them out. They are excellent addition to teambuilding or are perfect finish in the final phase of your party.

There is a handy coffee bar, where you could order the usual hot and cold drinks, juices, beer and alcohol. At the snack bar you could order sandwiches, salads, nuts and sweets. If you wish, we can arrange special custom food as per our previous arrangements or just regular pizzas from the nearby Pizza Dominos.

Share your view on how you see your party and we will do our best to accommodate it. Every party is planned and coordinated as per your wishes.

Please contact us at +359 887 961 353 or, and we will send you an offer.