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They are extremely fun to play.
What are social games ?
These are games with fairly simple rules, involving intense communication among players, such as bargaining, bluffing, challenging, interrogating or just passing and deciphering of coded information.
They are “ice breakers” and source of constant laughter. You don’t get involved in complex strategies, in building massive troops or cities. They finish quickly (typically 10-30 minutes) and lift the general mood.
Typical categories of social games are:
– role playing,
– deductive,
– associative.

In the role playing games, you assume the role of something or someone and use its special abilities at the proper time.
In the deductive ones, you are trying to guess something based on eliminating facts.
In the associative, you are communicating among players using abstract means such as images, sounds, gestures or anything else.

Many such games require an experienced Moderator who is responsible in coordinating all players and ensuring smooth and exciting game play.
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