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The Collector!

Real Life Escape Room challenge – is our most attractive entertainment offering!

The game:

A very popular team work entertainment – Real-Life escape game.

You enter with your group a mysterious room full of puzzles and riddles. Solving them will help you find a way out of the room. You will only have 1 hour to succeed.

The story:

At the outskirts of Vitosha mountain, is the home of a successful and rich gentleman – the Collector, who likes to collect rare and expensive items.

The secret services have received an anonymous tip, that a golden mask of king Teres, worth millions of dollars, has disappeared from the National museum, has been replaced by a fake and is now part of the exotic collection of the Collector. An elaborate security system guards the mask. You are the special team who will have to enter incognito in the office of the Collector, search for the mask, and if found, return it to the museum. Will this mission be IMPOSSIBLE ?

The mission:

gather a team of 2 to 6 people, who are willing and capable to solve complex and intense situations. Come and tryout your logical abilities. This is an excellent teambuilding exercise.

The game is not recommended for children under 8 years of age. Those under 12 years, can only play when accompanied by an adult.

Other attractiones:

After the “heat” in solving the escape room, we offer using our pools area – swimming, basking in the run and relaxing with hot or cold drinks from our snack bar. If you have used our escape room or teambuilding services, you can use the pools for free.


A two-player game costs 80 leva.

Тeam of 3 costs 99 BGN

Тeam of 4 costs 120 BGN

Тeam of 5 costs 140 BGN

Тeam of 6 costs 160 BGN

Тeam of 7 costs 175 BGN

Тeam of 8 costs 200 BGN