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In Game Castle we will offer you many interesting games, there is something for everyone:

ESCAPE ROOM– real life team game for 2 to 6 people. You are locked in a room, where you have to solve several
puzzles in order to find the exit. You will only have 60 minutes at your disposal.
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VITOSHA TREASURE HUNT – Vitosha treasure hunt – team game, where the players must gather information scattered
in Vitosha mountain park. The final goal is to find a treasure. The players have limited time. They must follow directions, find hints, demonstrated resourcefulness and observance. Good communication and good team work is important. You could combine the Escape room with the treasure hunt.
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game castle treasure hunt

SOCIAL GAMES – Party games (Ice breakers) with simple rules and short duration. The goal is intense communication among players (like negotiations, bluffing, role playing etc.) resulting in endless fun and laughter. These games are for easy going time passing. They are perfect for large groups.
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ENERGY GAMES these are fun unusual games using your body, hands and feet. These game will test your sense of humor, your balance and your physical condition. No special physical requirements are necessary.
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3D PUZZLES AND BOARD GAMES – we will give you several puzzles with various levels of difficulty.
You will test your hands and fingers dexterity with unusual object and shapes.
Board games – we have a huge collection of the most popular Board games.
An experienced Moderator will explain the rules to you and will assist you throughout your games.
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