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 Frequently Asked Questions

Escape room? What is this?

The escape room replicates the computer escape games under real conditions. These are games in which the participants are locked up – in a room, basement, tower, cell, etc. – and have to find a way out. For this, the participants have to investigate the surrounding set-up, find all key details and, with their help, solve a series of mysteries and logical puzzles. Keys have to be found, secret lurking places and padlocks have to be unlocked. In the computer escape games, one only has to “click” his way out…

But it is much more exciting when these games turn into reality and you are actually physically inside the story.

This is how the so-called real escape games emerged. Pioneer is the Silicone Valley where in 2006 the room “Original Piece” was created. Nowadays, these rooms are a real hit in Japan, USA, Canada, Hungary, Switzerland etc. The good escape games rely on an intriguing story, unconventional atmosphere and great service.

In order to play the game, you usually have to be a part of a team of several persons. You find yourself in a locked space and you have usually 60 minutes to find a way out. You can rely only on your own strengths!

Playing the game does not require any special education, special knowledge or physical strength. But there is a challenge! It requires perceptiveness, logical thinking, good team communication, goal-orientation, inventiveness, good command of time…

The game is created in a way that not everyone could escape within 60 minutes! But everybody have fun and learn how to do better next time!

Challenge yourself! Have fun!

Who can participate?

Game Castle Rooms is created for teams of 2-5 persons. It is ideal for friends and colleagues, who are looking for team building, fun or just want to escape the daily routine. How good are you in finding a way out of every situation? Furthermore, it is a great experience for couples and families -do you know each other really well? Test it in an unconventional environment! Tourists would experience a great activity and gather impression for their whole life – here, in the heart of Sofia! And one question to the gamers – are you really that good in gaming? Prove it – under real conditions!

Participants have to be at least 12 years old due to the complexity of the puzzles. Participant must be in a sober state. The activity is not suitable for people afraid of small or closed spaces (if you feel any discomfort, you can leave at any time)! Unfortunately, Game Castle Rooms, at least for the time being, cannot provide the needed environment for people with reduced mobility.

How to reserve?

Build a team of 2 to 8 persons. Click on BOOK NOW, select a date and time and follow the instructions!



Can I buy a voucher for the game?

Yes, especially if you are looking for an extraordinary present to someone. To issue a voucher for you, we need to know how many persons you would like do buy a game for (at least 2), the occasion, their names and your name, phone and e-mail. Just contact us for details. Then will create a unique voucher code.In order to activate the voucher, you have to pay the game in advance via bank transfer to our account:

Reason for payment: Voucher (your unique code)

After receiving the payment, the voucher will be specially designed as a Detective’s letter dedicated to your special person. It could be sent to your e-mail as a PDF or prepared like a real letter in an envelope so you can give it by hand and make a great impression!
The recipient of the voucher could use it when booking a game at a preferred time. Just have to write the code into the Notes field when making the reservation. If the voucher is for a team of 2 persons and they want to play in a bigger team, they can do so after paying additional 20 BGN for each extra player (up to 8 players in a team) just before the game starts.

Can I change or cancel a reservation?

In case you would like to change the hour or/and the day of the reservation, contact us at least 48 hours in advance. We will try to find a new slot for your team according to our Booking Calendar. Changes can be made only once.


Can I play alone?

Actually no, sorry! :(  This is a team challenge, you need a team of at least 2 players. In case you cannot form a team and are open to playing with unknown people – write to us at info@gamecastle.bg and we will try to add you to a team.

We are more than 7 and would like to play…is it possible?

The game area and the riddles are meant to be optimal for a team of up to 7 people in a team. But you can split your group into 2 or more teams and organize a competition – which team will be the fastest to escape:). If however it is very important for you to be a team of 8 people we could make a compromise. But please, have in mind that communication and coordination between so many people becomes hard and the experience may not be the same.

What if we cannot escape in time?

The game is created in a way to allow less than 50% of the participants to find a way out within the allotted 60 minutes. In any case, you will have fun! And this is the essential thing here! Take it easy! :)

Is the game scary?

The Collector room is not intended to scare you. The atmosphere is relaxing. Still, there is adrenaline. The complexity of the puzzles and the short 60 minutes will keep you under pressure until the last moment! But the escape from the daily routine is guaranteed! :)

Is specific knowledge required?

No! The puzzles require rather fast and logical thinking.

Are physical strength or other special skills required?

No! A bit of agility, but that is why you have a whole team with you! The only physical challenge is a squat. If this is challenging for one of your teammates, let us know in advance, so we can find a solution.

Can I play for a second time in the same thematic room?

Not recommended. You would know the puzzles of the game and the challenge would not be the same for your teammates as well. Follow us for our new thematic rooms in the future!


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